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The image points towards the Pay - Pal verified account name, so users are assured the paypal extras mastercard (pay.loginhelpers.org) merchant has verified the account which has a valid bank-account and plastic card number. Using accounts and credit cards to submit payment without. Once you might be logged into the Sandbox, visit "My Account" and then "Overview". Enter the total amount of money to transfer for a Western Union debit card and click on the account's name in the drop-down list. This could be the obligatory 'thank you' how the buyers will see after purchasing the e-book. Paypal permits you to refund money for just about any type of payment, whether it's from a sale or possibly a gift. You cannot call your bank and instruct a representative to shut an overdrawn checking account because you cannot close a banking account.

Enter inside the required information (required activation codes are included on that's sent together with your debit card), and select your company card's PIN number.